Thursday, 15 August 2013

Languages & OCD - the fight goes on....

I thought I had cracked my language learning OCD cycle last week and, whilst I had made progress, I'd not quite cracked it.
But I think I have now.
Which language I'm learning isn't the issue, it's the feeling that I have to be learning one.
I do want to learn a language.
But I shouldn't feel that I have to be, or that I should be able to do it perfectly.
That's what the problem is.
So what do I do?
Well I go back to being happy with the fact that it's taken me 7 years to complete the first 7 instalments of a beginners course of SaySomethingInWelsh (excellent course by the way) and crack on with learning it be wise it's really the one that I wish I could speak fluently.
But every now and then, if I fancy having a break and dabbling German, Norsk or anything then I will - without having to ditch any other option.
You might think this sounds simple.
For you maybe it is( I hope it is).
For me, it's not and I might no succeed but I'm going to try.
Having a healthy goal is a big help.
So here it goes.

Lesson 8 of SSIW here I come :-)

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