Sunday, 29 April 2012

My thoughts on Divinity....

Here are my feelings about the Divine presence in the universe,call it God, call it Gods, call it Allah, Buddha or any of the other names given to it by mankind, after all they are all right.

I'll use the maleidentifier of He and Him but feel free to alter it to the female or the plural if it feels more comfortable.

He does not care what you wear.
He does not care what you call them.
He does not care how you worship him or where.
He does not care where you find himm or how you know him.
He is not bothered by your "lack" of faith.

He will show you compassion when you die and, unless you are fundamentally evil (we're talking Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, etc) then you will be re-united with your loved ones and ancestors on the other side.

This is why I read runes, occasionally go to church and sing hymns and do plenty of other things that organised religion labels as contradictory.

I believe that it is enough to simply Believe, even if you can't fully express what it is you believe in.
This is how we were made, wonderfully random and different.

There is magic flowing through the Universe you and I inhabit, it flows through us all and binds every one of us together.

So believe what feels right, the way that feels right. Be Kind, be true and, most of all, be happy!