Saturday, 2 October 2010

The are of chilling out

My good friend Matt Charlton's blog post has got me thinking, how many different ways do people have to relax?

The answer is - many. There are probably as many different ways that people use to relax as there are different people.
Some people meditate in isolation, others use candles and incense to aid the technique. I have friends that relax by playing games ( both computer and tabletop), by playing sport or by talking with others. I know those who relax with a pint or two or even a "herbal" cigarette. In fact having thought about it for a few minutes I struck me that there rarely do two people relax using exactly the same methods.

So how do I relax?
Well it depends on what kind of "stress" I feel I'm trying to release. Sometimes it's a walk somewhere quiet where the noise and hassle of life can be aloud to be taken by the wind as I make my way along my route. When I feel that I have had no time, I find just being able to sit in the company of my wife and kids soon aid me releasing that tension. Also a quiet pint and a chat with a good friend (or a few good friends) is an excellent way to achieve the same goal.
Other times it's by listening to some music, an activity that I have always found very life affirming.
I can also de-stress by playing with tech and games, for that is also part of who I am and you can't beat a bit of time indulging your inner-geek (ok, with me it's more a case of all-over-geek) and reminding yourself just how cool tech can be.
And that's not mentioning my more spiritual activities, my love of reading and, of course, my writing, all of which can bring that chilled out feeling we all sometimes need.

When I was asked by my oldest son, a few years ago, what he should do if he wanted to relax my reply was "whatever you want to do". I believe that stress is often caused by the fact we often have to do things we don't want to do, therefore spending even the smallest amount of time doing what you want to do is the perfect antidote.

I hope you all have a chance, every day of your lives, to do something that you want to do. I'm lucky I have a job that I love doing and also have a life that allows me to do many of the things I want to.
If you want to be in the same situation, then make it so, we are the masters of our own souls and can shape our lives (with a little hard work) to reflect what we want rather than what we don't.

Be well and remember to chill a little.