Saturday, 27 December 2008

The 2008 Thanks list.

Thanks to.....

the random fluctuations in the time space continuum, Ina, Debbie, Jason, Ruth and Madelaine for the ongoing help with my OCD and depression, Dr. Dixon for constantly proving the Docs are alright and Dr. V for all his help. Emma for the Welsh lessons and the bara brith, Carl for the leaving kebab and a nickname that's stuck, CGP for keeping the spirit of Yurgen, the rest of the ITSD for being a really good group of guys'n'gals. Slayer for moving the Unholy Alliance gig to the Apollo - one of THE greatest gigs of my life -, The Defenders Of The Faith bands, Trivium for Shogun, Metallica for Death Magnetic and proving me right, Machine Head for just being, and all the other bands that have touched my soul this year. James Gill for the blog comment of the year, Yoda for being the most reliably straight forward blokes I've ever met, Simon for the best parting email I have ever read, Big Bad Bob for all the techie assistance, Robin for making me feel daft and short, Jan for an abject lesson in patience and understanding, John for showing everyone around him the value of the little things and the fragility of life, Nonny for a demonstration in forgiveness, Nikki for providing the glamour to the clan, Jonathan, Mark and Carol for simply being cool, and all my extended family who deserve a mention (and even those that don't). Helen, Andy and Chilli for proving there are some good things west of the Pennines, Mark (3 ones), Dannea, Bailey, Shea and ? - an old friend and three(soon to be four) new ones that came out of nowhere but feel like they've been around forever -, Tom and Dez for being two of the few that really count. Nikki for being a daft dawg and Dixy, Smirnoff and Tigz for simply being themselves.
and last but far from least.....
Owen and Morgan
for being a source of constant pride, amazement and joy
for loving me the way she does.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

It's been a while....

So here we are at the beginning of the last month of 2008, this year appears to have flown by - dunno why, just does (I know that some people have theories about time going quicker as we age but I'm not sure I buy into that).

Life is an interesting thing, just when you seem to have settled things into a predictable order, then out of the blue comes an old friend or a new aquaintance that changes things again. Not that there is anything wrong with that, it's what makes life what it is. I consider myself lucky to have the people that I do around me and to have the friends both old and new that I have. If a persons worth is to be judged by those he calls friend then I am indeed a rich man.

One thing that life has shown me in the last month is that, though you do have to grow old - you don't have to grow up! As long as you are happy and doing no harm then why should you? I intend to be this passionate about the things I enjoy in 40 years time nevermind at this stage of my life. I have wasted alot of my life so far, concerned with what I 'should' be doing and not with what I want to be doing. An old indian proverb says that " do what makes you happy and you will always do well". I think that's very true.

Embrace the uncertainty of tomorrow with open arms and let the river flow carry you where it may, for change is truly life's only constant.