Sunday, 12 April 2009

Observations and events.

Firstly I hope you all had a happy Easter/Zombie Jesus day (delete as appropriate).

Have you ever noticed that it only takes one thing to make a day noteworthy.

Without going into too many details, today went from being another Easter Sunday to being one that will remain in the memory of my family for a long time to come (for the right reasons lol).

I suppose what I am trying to say is that you never know what's coming next. You might think you know and there is high probability that some of the time you will be right. After all the human brain is capable of remembering the outcome of similar situations and formulating reasonably accurate predictions (although sometimes, looking around you, you really do wonder if everyone actually possesses this attribute). But NOBODY can tell the future. Wether it be 10 minute away of 10,000 years away nobody can do it. Anyone who thinks they do is deluded. Granted the nearer the event that you are prediciting the outcome of the easier it is to be right (for instance knowing that a rugby team that is 66-6 down with 2 minutes to go will lose is obvious) but it does not mean that you are gifted with some special insight into the future of the universe.
That is what makes life so special. You never know what is coming next. At times this makes things quite unnerving and yet at other times it makes things alot more bareable. That is why every moment and event should be appreciated. When things are good enjoy them being good because you know that it may not last long, alternatively when things are bad stick it out because you know that it will not always be that bad.

Anyway enough of that.
One last thing to mention before I finish. I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to the cast and crew of Red Dwarf: Back To Earth. It was very well done and some of the best TV I've watched in a long time. Cheers!