Sunday, 4 March 2012

Runes to my memory

I was wondering the other day how best it is to learn the your Runes.

Now I began learning my runes many years ago now, and it's process that is still ongoing ( and hopefully always will be ). When I started in my teens there was no web (no, I'm not THAT old but just old enough to remember a world pre-web and pre-mobile) and finding a reliable source of information was difficult to say the least (although I'm not sure that it's any easier in these wired days - beware what your search results give you).
The limited number of books that were found in my local library offered a small amount of books that both supported and contradicted each other.
This turned out to be quite beneficial as it meant that I learned early on that the feeling you get from the runes as more important than what is necessarily written down by others.

So how best to learn?
On one hand the best method for learning the runes would depend on your own predisposition to learning so I would encourage you to embrace that aspect however it presents itself to you.
On the other hand you'll know early on if the Runes are for you from how they feel to you.
For me it's always been the Elder Futhark runes that I have worked with (in many ways they chose me but that's another story) but I encourage you to not shy away from trying a number of different runes to find the ones you work best with.

As well as hitting the reading material you should spend as much time as possible with your rune, handle them often and generally have them around you. This will help you build a strong connection with them.

The thing that I think rings truest though is not to rush it. If you give it time and keep practicing then if it's meant to happen it will.

And if it doesn't then don't be hard on yourself, not everyone can read the runes. Your destiny may be something completely different but just as important. :)

Blessed be and Rock on!