Sunday, 1 July 2012

I was dreaming.....

I was dreaming when I first saw the dragon, soaring above a land very much like this.
When I was dreaming I walked amongst those of open mind and loving soul,
In a realm where judgement was left to the God and retribution sought only on the evil and vicious.
Where ideas were valued, where good was done without thought of cost and profit came second to need.
The battles were fought in honest view, not hidden behind lies and deceit.
Where the elected served those who voted not those whose money they craved or their own egotistical bent.
And above this land the dragon and it's kin soared, swept and danced,
with a grace that inspired awe and dread in equal measure.....

And then I awoke.

The dragons were replaced with the clouds, and so much else replaced with it's opposite.
And though my heart is heavy at this sight, the dragon still flies within my soul.