Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Random thoughts of a sleepy techie

I finished nights 36hours ago and I'm still knackered...the things we do for those we love, eh?

So seeing a lack of sleep always does 'wonderful' things to my mind I thought I'd share some of my musings from the last 9 days with you.

i) is Einstein's theory of relativity the reason why 6 hours in bed only feels like 3?

ii) what do the bees know that we don't?

iii) why don't the met office employ cattle? After all they seem to have a better handle on the weather than us humans do.

iv) why do the self activating lights at work take longer to come on for some staff than for others?

v) am I the only bloke I know who thinks Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure & Bogus Journey are film classics?

vi) if the Greeks and the Egyptians had managed to master the idea of the steam railway then no-one would ever have heard of Nazareth's most famous son.

vii) Why doesn't Catholocism market the vampritic elements of it's religion to goth's - it might stop congregations shrinking.

vii)Having grown up in the late 70's/early 80's, being fed food full of additives and preservatives is it unreasonable to claim that not having them in food today is causing me to have withdrawls?

That'll do for now, I think, after all if there is anyone out there still reading this blog after they may want something a little saner after this.


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