Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Book of death dates......

This article here Would You look in the Book of Death Dates made me think, would I?

Would I want to know how many more sleeps there was until the end?

Would knowing free me or enslave me?

Think about it. Do you want a deadline for all those things that you might do?

We've all got things that we'll do "one day", be it learn a language, finish the DIY, write a novel or whatever it is that fills your idle dreams, would knowing the date of the end motivate you or make you feel that there wasn't enough time to do it in?

I suppose it depends on what you find out when you look and the kind of person you were.

So would I want to know?

I don't think I do want to know.

But would I be able resist looking? That's a different matter entirely.


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