Thursday, 5 June 2014

Book Review: Silver Ninja - Indoctrination by Wilmar Luna.

enjoyed this book.
You can tell because I finished it (I make a point of never reading a book I don't enjoy to the end) and I finished it in a short amount of time (again one of the things I use to measure my enjoyment of a book).

Indoctrination is the second book in the Silver Ninja series, but knowledge of the first book is not necessarily required to enjoy it. I, at the time of writing this review, have not read the first Silver Ninja book and did not find this a problem at all - though I will be checking the first book out in the very near future and I believe that I would have enjoyed it even more had I read it first.

The story is set in a near-future/alternate present America, it's familiar yet original, and has an imaginative use of technology as part of it's narrative.

I found Wilmar's writing style to be accessible and clear. The book avoids the trap of info-dumping yet always manages to ensure the reader isn't missing information needed to understand the setting and the characters in it.
The story flows nicely, fast paced but not rushed. The characters feel real, the dialogue natural and the actions of the stories protagonists are believable without being predictable.

I found it fun to read, enjoying the ride it takes you on. The book makes you think whilst it entertains you, without sacrificing it's story to do so.

A key point is that I want to read more about the characters and the world around them.

My grumbles in relation to the book are, I believe, down to me not reading book 1 first, as I personally would have loved to know more about the whys and wherefores of the world the story is set in. I expect to get this information when I read the first book.
I have a habit of reading series of books out of order, I have comes across the problem before and it is mostly my problem and not the authors ;-).

I'd give the book a solid 7/10.

This is the first book review I have done in a long long time, I hope you find it useful and I hope you enjoy Silver Ninja Indoctrination when you read it.

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