Monday, 11 June 2012

Just my luck.......

So just when I'm feeling on top of things and in a very positive frame of mind this happens.

It's as if the Divine presence in this universe likes to knock me down and keep me there.

I know that sounds very self indulgent and full of self pity but there are limits to my positivity when an act aimed at improving my lot leads me to being in a knee brace and off my feet for 10 days. This means my poorly wife who I should be looking after is now having to look after me and not being able to drive (or walk for that matter) is causing all sorts of inconvenience for those that rely on me.

Next time you think of heeding the media's advice to get up and get involved in sport....think very hard about if it's worth it!

I am currently learning a lesson.
That I am physically older than I feel and I can no longer just decide to do something like playing football on a whim.
I curse my own stupidity in not realising this sooner :(


womanontheedge said...

Accidents happen, the important thing is that it was an accident. ie, only beat yourself up over it if you took a hammer to your leg to see what happened. You didn't choose to be hurt and you could easily have had the same injury just walking down the stairs or to the shop. Just concentrate on getting well and I'm sure your family will find a way around it, families tend to.

pomonauk said...

It's a nuisance and it's unpleasant and must be pretty painful - but it's temporary. The Gods have a strange sense of humour, you know that. So maybe it is their way of telling you to slow down, that might also be their roundabout way of getting you to notice something else you could be doing and enjoying. ;-)