Monday, 29 June 2009

How do you judge your life?

Here's an interesting question that occured to me the other day. Do you judge your life by the number of those you can hurt or the number of those you can help?
And who is the better person one who measures by the former or the one that measures by the latter?
From my point of view, the latter is always the better. After all, you may be able to hurt plenty of people but if your actions benefit only yourself then your life will be a lonely one. Alternatively if your actions, hurtful or otherwise, benefit more than just yourself then you will almost assuredly have a rich life of social interaction.
I think what I'm trying to say is that surely, where possible, it is better to help rather than to hurt (of course there are situations whereby you may have to hurt one to help many). This principle is one that we should encourage in our future generations, as it may be the only thing that saves the human race from a fight to the death that results in our extinction.


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